Freedom of speech is defined very easily but seems to be too hard to satisfy. Free speech means that one can say whatever he feels he wanna say but the most important part is that he or she does not have to deal with consequences. One of the problems is that people feel offended so […]

Bucket List

I have a very long bucket list. But these five things will be done by 2020. Number one is to go to a Travis Scott concert. One simple reason for this one is: they are f****** lit! Travis Scott concert Second one is to finish school and be aware of what to do in future. […]

Flagship text: Travel

‘Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages in a passport.’ -a famous quote by Faber Ben Hassen. People when they travel, make unforgettable experience, that’s what they say. There are many ways to get from one place to another, it doesn’t matter how you travel but your expectations might […]

Worst Case Scenario: All Chapters

Kevin When I woke up everything seemed normal but it wasn’t! I heard no noise. I could not remember any thing except in the back of my head there was a picture of a burnt bus. I looked around and I found myself in a hospital. Fortunately I wasn’t alone. Three other people woke up […]

My family

As some of y’all have already read my blog posts, one might want to know a little about my family. So my mother’s family, basically my grand-parents, auntie & uncle, cousins und cousines, is living in Lower Austria. But my mom already moved to our current location 17 years ago. She works as an accountant […]

Digital Footprints

This week’s task was to google ourselves and write a blog entry about digital footprints. So I typed my name in the searchbar and was astonished as there were pics of myself, my friends, family, various football clubs and even my old and present football coaches. Those photos are really old, which means that they […]

Living alone or with someone else?

“You save money!” , “Others will help you with things you don’t manage to do when you’re alone!”. Those might be two major pro-arguments if you have to decide whether to live alone or with roommates. What for many is a dream, is an absolute no-no. It’s a personal decision that all teenagers are entitled to […]

Worst Case Scenario: Chapter 2

Lucy, Victoria and me, all of us were standing around Kevin who still was laying on the ground with a harpune in his hand after killing that zombie. We helped him to get up and questioned him about the “zombie-attack”. “Why’d you even cross the street?”, Lucy asked. Kevin answered,” When I looked over there, […]


Always having fun in class Being helpful to each other Calling each other when one needs explanation Don’t offend anyone Everybody is friends with everyone Freaking out when the bell is ringing Great class community is the key H I Jokes taking over Killing arguments Losing their homework mysteriously on the way to school Minding their […]

Email to Joe about Austrian climate

From: Dominik Höllmüller To: Joe Subject: Climate in Austria Hey Joe, I’ve read your email and I’d love to help you! Austria is located in the temperate climatic zone. The temperate atlantic climate influences the west a lot, the continental climate affects the east. Austria consists of many mountaineous areas, you might know that altitude […]